Last spring I watched an elementary school boy badger some little girls who were building a bridge. As the girls were building; the boy was destroying. Finally he left and just happened to walk near my daughter and me. I quietly called to him, “Come here.” He did and I asked him why he kept pulling down the girls’ bridge. He said, “They are not nice to me.” I shared, “God tells us to be kind to those who are not kind to us. God wants us to return evil with kindness. You need to show kindness toward those girls.” Quickly, he darted off, ran over to the creek, got into the water and fixed their bridge. Wow, how quickly he responded to God’s command. After the bridge was completed, he left and the girls had fun crossing “his” bridge. When he walked by, I went over and bragged on his godly response.

                   That day I learned that molding integrity at a young age is easy! A teenager probably would have ignored me. Parents and teachers enhance the integrity of our country by sharing Scriptures with the children.

            Parenting Guide: Raising Children with Your Heavenly Father


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