Jochebed is to be praised for the abundance of spiritual seeds she planted in Moses’ life.  Because of his spiritual nurturing as a boy, Moses had a heart for God and for His people.

God orchestrated Moses’ life, protecting him from Pharaoh decree to eradicate all Hebrew baby boys, allowed his mother to nurture him spiritually (preschool years only),  receiving a quality education in Egypt, enabling him to escape Egypt and returning forty years later to help the Hebrew nation miraculously exit Egypt via the parting of the Red Sea, and lastly, God had Moses oversee the Hebrew Nation’s 40-year stint in the desert before Moses passed and before the Hebrew nation entered the Promised Land.

Like Jochebed plant an abundance of Spiritual Seeds in your children’s hearts because, God has a plan for each of your children. 

Parenting Guide: Raising Children with Your Heavenly Father 


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